About Us

The Addoson Group, Inc. is a Design Firm located in beautiful Orlando, Fl. Although we are a new firm, our people come with an array of skills and expertise, and we have over 20 years combined experience. 

We are 100% certain that any work you need is deliverable by us. Our discipline, focus, and creativity allows us to deliver our projects on time and with excellence.

We specialize in:

Residential Designs (Production Homes, Single Family, Additions)

Conceptual Designs

2D/3D Renderings

Existing Building Scoping/Measure-ups 

We look forward to a great, long term business relationship with our clients. 

​We are up front, and integrity is the foundation we stand on. 

With all these years of experience under our belt, we have decided to sell some of our designs!


Contact us for more information.